Charleston -> McClellanville

We had originally planned to leave early and cycle with Earl and Karen, but, having not gone to bed until late the night before due to memorial day cookout and repacking C’s bags, didn’t. That meant we had a lie in, then a very lazy breakfast and didn’t leave until 10, 3 hours later than we had planned. It was glorious.

The road took us over Arthur Ravenel Bridge, a lovely bridge connecting Charleston with Mt Pleasant. There is a wide space for cyclists and pedestrians to safely

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Walterboro -> Charleston

Being the day of the champions league final I made sure we left bright and early to get to Charleston with plenty of time to get changed and to a place showing it. We had left over hushpuppies for breakfast and, unlike pizza, they do not improve by eating them the morning after. We said our goodbyes but forgot to get a picture of Charles and Sabrina, our first host we didn’t photograph.

The ride took us along more roads that had lots of trees which was great. Trees not only provide shade,

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Hilton Head -> Walterboro

Cherie was going to take her dog to the vet so was leaving at about the same time we planned on going and offered us a lift off the island. C was very eager to not have to repeat the experience from the day before and so we threw the bikes on the rack she had got from a yard sale Riding out we found out that the drivers weren’t that much nicer to those in cars than on bicycles which at least made it less a case of GET ON THE SIDEWALK and more a case of people who are terrible drivers, maybe

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Savannah -> Hilton Head

As usual there were 2 good options for heading out of town. One took the main bridge out of Savannah which crossed the Savannah River where it was wide and because of it being a port meant the bridge needed to be tall for boats to go under. Although it was not recommended there were stories of people online doing it without any major problems. The other headed further up the river and crossed it where there was minimal river traffic and so a much lower bridge. I was leaning towards the first as

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