I’ve signed up for twitter and Google Latitude to add some extra information to the website. Twitter is great because it means I can tweet from my Kindle and it’s much easier to write a tweet than a blog post. Google Latitude, recommended by Gregg the guy we stayed with in Savannahh, will update every time we log on and show you the general area we are in.

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Darien -> Savannah

I got up before the alarm at 6 and wandered around outside the sunrise.

Google Maps had suggested one route but I found an alternative going down some back roads which knocked about 10 miles off so played with my GPS and it routed us along. We were making good time but then there was a small problem… the small road that we were looking for didn’t exist. Oops. We had a couple of options, we could either continue down the road and hope that a different small road existed or double back

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Saint Simon’s -> Darien

I woke up and was quick to get ready as Charlotte and Ellen had mentioned making pancakes for breakfast and I’d not had any American pancakes for a good while. After making sure everything was packed and ready to go I got to the kitchen where Ellen was doing a great job teaching C how to make and cook them. They did a great job and they came out deliciously. While I’m not quite as much of a subscriber to the belief that that long distance cycling is all about carbs as much as others,

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Ralph E Simmons -> St Simon’s

We left the campsite nice and early to get in to Georgia. We had been told there was a great buffet restaurant just over the border and we were interested in checking it out. Just before we turned on to the highway I saw a “Welcome to Florida” sign so doubled back to get a picture as we hadn’t gotten one when we entered. We crossed the St Mary’s river which marked the border with Georgia and stopped by the welcome sign for photo time.

No sooner had Georgia begun and the

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