Dundas -> Woodstock

I woke up to the smell of pancakes which Sybil had prepared the batter for and Harold was busy cooking up. She had left while I was still in bed and C was in the shower so unfortunately we neither got to thank her for her hospitality nor say goodbye. After pancakes I spotted Harold had a pump so decided to use the opportunity to ensure our tyres were up. I carry one in my front pannier, but while it’s fine for use on the road it’s obviously not as good as a track pump. Mine went up

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Niagara -> Dundas

Rob had originally planned to take us to his local breakfast place but it turned out that it had more than doubled in price from 99c to 1.99 over the past 12 months. Instead he cooked up some delicious bacon and eggs to fuel us on our way. As we had turned up later than expected the day before we had missed a surprise drive up to Niagara-On-the-Lake. The road follows the Niagara River up to Lake Ontario and is apparently a spectacularly beautiful drive ending at a picturesque resort by Lake Ontario.

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A night in Niagara

We decided to walk to the falls as Rob only lived about a mile away and we weren’t sure how easy it’d be for us to look after our bikes. The change in pace was enjoyable and. after popping in to a tourist information office where we learnt about all the things we could do, decided to just look at the falls rather than spend what on our budget were exorbitant prices.

Maybe we weren’t paying attention, but there seemed to be a definite lack of signage pointing us to the falls. I

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Tampa, Florida, USA -> Niagara, ON, Canada

This is just a quick summary of our ride from Tampa up to Niagara. I’m not sure how often we’ll do them but it seems a good plan. The original idea had been to do one for every state, but.. we didn’t.

Favourite supermarket – Publix – Free coffee and good feel give it a slight lead over Wegmans.
Favourite city – Savannah, GA is the prettiest, C found Richmond, VA the most fun
Favourite food – Doagie in PA was mine, I’ll ask C for hers and

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Buffalo -> Niagara

Even though we’d gone to bed well past midnight, we were up at around 8 to get the early bird special at a local diner that stopped at 9. Patrick drove us over and we had the vegetarion option of lentils, homefries and toast which was an interesting change. After breakfast we hit up Paula’s, a famous donut store to get some freshly cooked post breakfast snackage which we consumed hanging round back at Joe’s before heading out.

We headed north excited both by the propsect of seeing

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