Wall -> Rapid City

Wall is famous for Wall Drug, which started out as a drug store (pharmacy) and has evolved in to a huge shopping-centre-like complex. For us, the 2 most important things were 5c coffee and, the thing that started their rise to fame, free ice cold water.

Walking round the small part of Wall Drug I did was slightly overpowering. It reminded me of Oren’s description of Honest Ed’s back in Toronto – A huge place with everything that you can spend days trying to find the exit. I decided

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Kadoka -> Wall

I woke up at 6 to hear the storm still going. The couple of times I’d woken up during the night it had been going, so maybe it raged all night. I had grabbed oatmeal off C the night before so was able to eat my breakfast in the tent which was great. We use instant oatmeal and find that when mixed with cold water it tastes just fine. It saves us having to cook in the morning which speeds things up a lot.

After eating, I took a nap again waiting for the storm to pass. We had wanted to get out

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Reliance -> Kadoka

The alarm went off at 6:30 and we were saying our goodbyes to Kevin and Jolene by 7:45. We again didn’t have a place to stay, so we had the freedom to see how far we could get. If all went well, we would have our longest ride and make it the 100 miles to Kadoka. If not, Murdo was about 60 miles away and there was also a town at 85 miles. We wanted to make it to Kadoka, because of it’s proximity to the Badlands loop for the next day.

After our positive experience the day before, we took

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Mitchell -> Reliance

We were up early, but couldn’t go out as neither Moe nor her dog were at home. We wanted to say goodbyes so sat round until she turned up. Moe had been out for a walk. We had forgotten to mention our plan to leave early, so she was a little surprised by our necessity to leave.

Before leaving, Moe gave C a massage to help with her hand. I was eager to get out of the door and slightly frustrated that having hit the sack past midnight and got up at 6 we weren’t going to be out until around

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Sioux Falls -> Mitchell

Travis, our host, was working nights and so didn’t have to be at work until 6pm. Most people who work nights go to bed during the day, not Travis. He was eager to ride as far as he could with us on his touring bike. He loved to ride but also wanted to try out a new way to mount his camera to his aero bars. I had mentioned that he might as well try a loaded touring bike, so he carried my front bags and C’s rear ones – a true gentleman.

Having spoken to him the day before about

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