Worthington -> Sioux Falls

We got up at 8 as planned and headed to the kitchen as we could smell food being made. We found Ana’s parents, Ramiro and Maria, in the kitchen who welcomed us and had us sit down so they could make us some food. I got to use the little Spanish I’ve learnt while studying on the bike talking to them.

The breakfast was a veritable feast. After the first round of food, Ana and Julio joined us. They apologised for being up late but their baby, Mariana, had woken them up during the night

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Fairmont -> Worthington

I woke up around 7 having slept for 10 hours. As the heatwave was over, it was great to be able to not have to be up at 5 and out by 6. We got ready and Bea and Bob took us back to McDonalds for breakfast. I asked Bea what was good and she insisted that I needed to order two meals, so I did. While we were eating we got introduced to more people that Bea & Bob knew including their daughter, the supervisor at McDonalds, and Wes, the manager. During our conversation, Bea & Bob were trying

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Austin -> Fairmont

We were up and out of Dahn’s before anyone else was stirring. The heatwave was continuing, and we wanted no part of it.

The roads took us through another day of corn fields, which were starting to get a little repetitive. A couple of hours in to the ride and C was complaining about being bored, so we put our bikes on the side of the road and laid down. C had a nap while I read on my Kindle. The 30 minutes definitely did the trick and made the ride on to the town of Blue Earth much better.

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Cresco -> Austin

We were again up nice and early to beat the heat. It made for a glorious start to the day as, although it wasn’t quite sunrise, we were riding with long shadows. We even had a tail wind pushing us out of to the state border with Minnesota.

Crossing in to Minnesota there was not a welcome to MN sign, so we just took a quick picture by the first sign that had the state’s name on it.

The first road we took was the 56 and we were unimpressed. It had a lane in each way that were in a pretty

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Bagley -> Cresco

We were up at 5 and out by 6 with the knowledge that we had a long hot ride ahead of us. Walking out of the door we were struck by the mist that was everywhere, making it look almost eerie.

Descending down the hill was an amazing feeling. We were riding through the mist and it was gorgeous, although a little chilly. We made it down in to the town of Prairie de Chien and across the bridge over the Mississippi which took us in to Iowa.

As soon as we crossed the bridge we had the main climb of the

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