Colville -> Republic

There was a 60 mile ride ahead and a chance of rain in the afternoon so I was eager to get going as soon as breakfast was over. After her work as a farmhand the day before, C was tired but eager to do more and Angie and family were keen for her to stay. After Angie offered to drive her to Republic or even to Riverside, our destination for the following day, C didn’t take too long to decide that she’d rather spend more time on the farm than ride up Sherman Pass. I said my goodbyes and

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Cusick -> Colville

There was a slight chill in the air so we were glad that Mike invited us in for a breakfast of waffles, eggs and bacon. If we hadn’t had a schedule, we might have spent the day with him. He was happy for the company and even offered to drive us and our things to Colville later that day. While he was a really nice guy, I wanted to ride. We would be climbing the first of several passes and I enjoy the challenge of a long climb. He did take us to the end of his drive as he had insisted we

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Sandpoint -> Cusick

I was up early and used a Park Tool patch kit given to me by Doug to fix my tubes. They were so much nicer to use than regular patches and seemed to work wonderfully. It’ll be interesting to see if they hold, but if they do then I can see myself buying a couple of packs of them.

Doug didn’t have to work so took us out in his car up Mt Schweitzer, the local ski resort. It wasn’t big, but had the feel of a place in the Alps. It would have been a bit of a climb and so was great to

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Sandpoint -> Sandpoint

With Tom having to go away on business we had arranged to go to Doug & Deb’s. We spent the morning making calls and writing blogs at Tom’s and then made the ride over during the mid-afternoon. It was only a short ride from north east of Sandpoint to the western edge, but it would help make the next day’s ride shorter too. I saw 3 llamas for the first time on a farm on the way over. I guess they were being kept for their wool.

Doug had had a less successful morning fishing

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Troy -> Sandpoint

24 days after entering Montana from South Dakota we would be leaving for good. It’s a big state and we took about the longest route possible across it at around 900 miles. The amount of time was slightly skewed by our road trip to Yellowstone & Grand Teton, which I’ll at least put the pictures up for at some stage, but outside of maybe California it’s probably the most time we’ll spend in a single state. It would be followed with Idaho, which like Maryland would see

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