McGregor Lake -> Troy

We got up nice and early, C was planning on having a shower but we didn’t see any stirring from inside the house so just pulled our tents down and headed out. It was a bit chilly and C’s sleeping bag had been damp so she wanted to head out quickly to warm up before she ate.

After about an hour of riding, I wanted to eat, but C didn’t so I organised my oatmeal. I love instant oatmeal for just how simple it is to make. Not needing to get the stove out and boil some water to make

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Columbia Falls -> McGregor Lake

Having stayed up chatting until late the night before, C was happy to have a lie in. C wanted to spend the morning talking to friends and a package that we had been trying to get for 2 months was due to arrive that day and I wasn’t wanting to miss it again. I did my usual for the free time, admin duties such as working on the blog, route planning and finances.

The package that we were waiting for was from LunaTec. I had been in contact with them back

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Apgar -> Columbia Falls

Plans had been made the night before to go hiking with Aaron. We had originally wanted to do the loop which would have involved taking the shuttle bus back up to the top of Logan’s Pass. The problem was that it would have taken up to 2 hours to get up and then it would have been a 6-8 hour hike and a 2 hour bus down. That would have been OK if we were staying in Glacier again, but we had to get to Columbia Falls to meet Pam, our next host.

As it was, we found a hike to Snyder Lake and so

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St Mary -> Apgar

C’s thoughts

It was awesome. Singlehandedly the best ride of the trip and will be very difficult to surpass.

We woke up to hear the wind hadn’t settled at all from the night before. It was coming down the Rockies and meant that pulling my tent down was a hassle because as soon as the pegs came out, it wanted to blow away. After the tent came down, I headed over to the bear boxes to get our bags. St Mary was bear country and any bags that had food or smelly things in, including deodorant,

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Conrad -> St Mary

We woke up to find Popcorn had stayed out all night. I figured that had been the case as at 3am I woke up to him calling for me to get him water. After a couple of bowls of cereal for breakfast, we got to talk to another one of Paul’s friends who had come to visit. I didn’t catch his name as C was doing most of the talking. She was asking about the water situation between Conrad and Browning and Paul’s friend said that there was a long stretch without anything other than a Hutterite

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