Yes, it’s one of the rarest type of blog entry, a rest day.

I found that the wind was blowing from the south at 25 mph so when Alex offered me a rest day, I jumped on the offer. Most of the day was spent chilling out, catching up on the blog, playing with my bike, replacing my tubes (Thanks James!) and watching TV. In the evening however, I had a plan.

Lori texted me around 6pm to let me know she was nearby. She and her son Zach would pick me up and we would go out for dinner at her son’s favourite place, Outlaws Supper Club. While Amarillo is famous for the Big Texan, a gimmicky place with their 72oz steak challenge, Lori wanted to take me somewhere authentically Amarillan. Most of the places in town are chains whereas Outlaws isn’t. We rolled up and I was treated to a spectacularly delicious steak and got to try my first calf fries. You might have heard of the name they go by elsewhere, Rocky Mountain Oysters, they are a Texan delicacy and most of the tables full of people in cowboy hats around me were eating them. Wayne & Louise, back in Montana, had had some in the freezer, but I hadn’t been that eager to try them. However, I decided to get over my fear and found that they were actually quite delicious. Given the choice between them and a steak, the steak will always win, but they’re definitely worth trying.

During the night, I asked Lori for an explanation of the previous day’s events as I had been slightly confused how things had happened. My basic understanding, and Lori may explain more in a comment if she posts, is…

Lori’s mum, works in a plant about 20 miles south of Stratford. She’s in contact with a bunch of people driving trucks and hauling cattle. She wanted to make sure I was safe on the ride down to Amarillo and so was asking drivers if they had seen me. Through that network she had a good idea where I was and when I would be getting to Amarillo. She contacted Lori, who lives and works in Amarillo and told her about me. Lori left work early and positioned herself where she would see me coming down the main road into town. When she saw me, she followed me off the road and pulled up next to me and spoke as I explained in yesterday’s post. I was so taken aback that a lady who I hadn’t even met was so interested in my well-being and so happy that things had worked out how they did.

After dinner, I got taken around to see the sights of Amarillo. As I had commented about how impressed I was with her dad’s Christmas lights, Lori was eager to show me more. We drove over to the most famous lights in Amarillo which are on the front of a doctor’s house. While he has a huge number of lights on his house, the most impressive thing is that they are synced up in time with music that he pumps out on his own radio station. People come from all round to sit outside his house, listen to their radio and watch the lights and it’s glorious.

Explaining the backstory

TSO + lights

Syncs so well

After seeing the performance at the doctor’s, we went in search of other places. We drove round some beautiful neighbourhoods but the places we were looking for hadn’t got their lights up yet. We went over to a gated community that’s famous for their lights too, but only a few places had theirs up. We rounded off the night with a visit to Sonics, my first trip since back in Jacksonville, NC with Angie. I ordered a slush and then spotted the Pumpkin Pie Shake they had so got that too. Pumpkin Pie is definitely one of my favourite American foods. Lori then drove me back to Alex’s place and we said our goodbyes. She let me know that if I’m in the area again, to give them a little more notice and her parents will get the barbecue out. I will definitely get in touch when I’m next passing through! An amazing experience.