The website. An almost essential part of any journey is to document it. Especially for people like myself who have a terrible memory, something like this is great so in a few years I can look back and see what I was thinking. It’s also a much more convenient way to keep my family, friends and followers up to date with my latest adventures. Crucial for when I’m in places where I’ll have very limited internet and spending 2 minutes writing a post makes more sense than sending out emails.

I’m just starting to create the website. I’ve got WordPress downloaded and will now work on creating a basic outline and filling it in. At the minute it’s barren, but that’ll be changing in the coming days. I’ve brainstormed basic things to have and it’ll be interesting to see how it all comes together.

As far as the bike ride goes, the bike was ordered and paid for last week. It’s scheduled to arrive in ‘2-3 weeks’ and I’m hoping it’s early. I’d love to break the seat in and get some test rides to make sure it all works. It’d also let me try out the other things I get to buy so it’s not all new when I get to the US.

My most recent purchase was today when I paid for my flight to the US. On April 27th, I’ll be flying London Gatwick -> Reykjavik -> Orlando with IcelandExpress. With excess baggage and such paid it was only £332 (about $540) which was less than half the price of the direct flight offered by Virgin. 51 days to go!

Other than that, I’m slowly working through my excel spreadsheet and trying to find the best items to buy. I’m trying to decide on a tent, the Vaude Hogan and Vaude Taurus II top my list at the minute, but it’s such an important thing that it’s difficult to finalise it. I need to set a deadline and then buy it by then. I think that’ll be a familiar theme throughout this blog!