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For the first time in a good while I’ve not bought anything online today! Over the last 10 days I’ve bought 34 items and only had to send one back for a refund. Instead of shopping I decided to go out for a short ride today.

I had a few reasons to go out

  1. Break my saddle in a bit and ensure things are positioned correctly,
  2. See if I’d put my GPS mount on properly,
  3. Buy something to attach my rear light to my rack,
  4. Get the phone I’m considering taking unlocked so I can try it out

Overall the ride was enjoyable but not too successful. The guy who I asked to unlock my phone told me if I come back next week he should be able to do it, my GPS mount seems OK but a little noisy, saddle is.. maybe OK but I’m really not sure and need to try it more and the option for attaching my rear light to my rack that the bike shop proposed was not ideal. I’ve emailed Thorn about the 2 bike related issues and we’ll see what they have to say.

As far as shopping goes, other than all my cooking stuff, some clothing and a computer I’m down to a bunch of random small things. I’ve got a fair idea of what I’m getting for most of those things but it’s just a case of getting them ordered.

My current headache is to do with finance. I have enough saved up, but the problem is going to be accessing it abroad. Having been out of the country teaching for a while it turns out I’m not on the electoral register. I didn’t think that mattered, because I’m not that bothered about voting. Turns out it does. When you apply for a credit card or to open a bank account in the UK they check your credit score. No problem, mine is currently “excellent”, but… they also check if you’re on the electoral register… oh dear.

I decided to go to my local council office to update my details and re-sign on the electoral register, I got home and figured that was the end of that. Nope. I then looked on the credit check website and it turns out that councils only update the register once a month. If I’d gone there by the 10th of March I’d have been on it by April 1st, having missed that I’m not going to be put on it until April 29th which is 2 days after I leave. Even applying for a debit card which offers no overdraft facility seems to want to check if I’m on the register or not. So frustrating.