I started a draft of this post when I was in Stockholm. I’m not in Scandinavia, let alone Stockholm, anymore so I’ll just paste those initial notes here.

  • 1/3 city, water, green
  • Oldest monarchy?
  • 3rd biggest exporter of music after US & UK (lots of producers + writers)
  • Vassa museum – voted best non-art museum in world, home to Vassa ship – key ship of Swedish navy for 15 minutes
  • 1676 witch hunts, 12 year old orphan boy arrived. Orphan cos his mum had been commited for ‘double whoring’ (affair where both partners were married) and turned in by his boy. Then he started telling stories about how women in the area would kidnap him at night, fly him off on broomsticks and others did the same. Court of law said it was ridiculous, priests listened and told Charles XI who ordered women to be put on trial aka tortured until they confessed. burnt at stake but first decapitated other than one who had gunpowder round head so head blew off.
  • Strongest laws against child brutality in the world
  • Good Friday is like Halloween in US cos people think that’s when the witches went off to speak to the devil, in current times kids dress up as witches (boys and girls) and ask for sweets
  • 13th of December – St Lucia’s day, as it was the shortest day before Gregorian calender and people believed it was when witches came down. Now people dress up as St Lucia and put candles in their hair (electric candles for kids to stop the fire risk) while hanging out coffee and bread
  • Swedish police ensignia has two wooden axes, a sign of decapitation as it was the way regular rich were executed (proper rich got a sword)
  • Islam highest second religion because of refugees and immigrants which Sweden takes as by far the highest amount as a per capita
  • Church tax 0.5%, many people pay even though they don’t have to because they feel that the church does a good job
  • Sweden has lowered income tax a lot in the last decade due to right wing party
  • Restaurant prices high beacuse workers get more, on average about double similar jobs in the UK/US
  • Municipal government – if you have worked 365 days during 3 years you must be hired – leads to people being hired and working for 360 days before being fired.
  • The most random thing to happen in Stockholm was that I got to see U2. I’d gone on a free walking tour, and had a couple of questions for the guide so I waited until the end to ask them. Everyone left but myself and a Norwegian guy. He ended up giving our guide a U2 ticket instead of a tip, even though she assured him on multiple occasions that Norwegian Krone would have been just fine and that she couldn’t even go that night as she was too busy. It was passed it on to me and I got to listen to some U2 as I rode to the arena to remind me what they sounded like. It ended up being a fine time, but not worth the €100+ the ticket would have cost.