After being at home for a couple of months, earning some more money, it was back to the road. This time flying out on New Years Day with my parents to Malta – the first international holiday together (excluding their visits to Mexico and the US) for more than a decade. I chose Malta as it’s a natural start or end point, the only ferry in and out is to Sicily so flying there from the UK avoided having to take the same ferry twice. It also had some quite fantastically warm weather, considering it was the start of the year.

Nativity scenes in cribs very popular
Feels very English, English breakfasts everywhere for example, almost everyone can speak English but amongst themselves generally speak Maltese. Maltese language similar to Arabic.
Balconies and cats galore
Several ruins, but so old that the ones I saw need more of an imagination than I have to appreciate.
Lovely coastline, brisk water in January.
Typical food – rabbit and snails
“Great wall of Malta” also known as the Victoria Line used to split the island and defend it in case of invasion. Plenty of cliffs offer natural defences on the other part.
The fifth biggest island used to be bigger, but was used as a target for artillery training and got bombed so much. It’s forbidden to go onto the island now, for fear of unexploded bombs.
Malta played a big part in both World Wars. Used as a hospital, and also bombed very heavily. Three bombs landed on the Mosta Dome, two bounced off and one went through but didn’t explode. Seen as a miracle. Legend says that the bomb didn’t explode, because it was made without explosives by those who made it as a protest against the Germans.
Most important saint is St Paul, because he apparently shipwrecked on Malta and was then treated very well.
Series of old ‘cart ruts‘ that are known as Clapham Junction
Old capital, Rabat surrounds the town of Mdina – meaning the walled area.

Split across two islands, Gozo smaller and even less populated.
I spent a few days there, resting with a wonderful Couchsurfing host whose mission is ‘to make my guests gain weight’
In Gozo the most famous place is the Azure Window, used in Game of Thrones.
Capital of Gozo is Victoria, home to a citadel.
The Queen has only lived in one place outside of the UK, it was in Malta near the capital of Valletta. It’s not been used for a long time and now is in a state of serious disrepair.

Maltese bay

Malta video