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The ferry arrived in Girne, where I got off and realised it was home to many terrible drivers. I was right

My earphones got caught on the door of the ferry so died and were replaced by 2 euro ones from China Bazaar which were crackly and terrible. Barely worth buying, and failed within a few days.

“A revolutionary is only a terrorist until he has achieved his revolution.”

My thoughts about Turkish Cypriot drivers was confirmed when a very angry driver slowed down to rant at me on the way up a climb. He wanted me to ride my bike in the sand/dirt next to the road. I disagreed with him. When he went away I blew a kiss (my habit, not always the best) and he got out his car to yell at me more so I just shook my head not wanting to get in a fight. He was wearing a shirt from a petrol station so at the top of the hill when I saw his car parked I took a photo and went to the police station to report him. There wasn’t violence, but you can’t act like that and he should respect bicycles on the road. Police listened and then one officer went to the station to talk with him. The officer came back and told me that the guy had claimed I was riding in the road and there was a truck driving the other way so he couldn’t pass. He would come to the police station to apologise but I had to wait 30 minutes so left.

One of the officers that I spoke with was born in Melbourne and could speak decent English (left when he was 5). Spoke about how the problems started around 1963 and Greeks were killing Turks and Turks were killing Greeks. It continued until 1974 when Turkey came to help and created the Green Line (the border between the 2 parts). The problems continue, but unlike nearby Israel, there is some dialogue that might actually get something done. The crux seems to be on withdrawal of Turkish troops. Turkish Cypriots are scared that without them the troubles will spark up again, and Turkey doesn’t really want to lose its influence in the area so will happily stay.

Arriving in Cyprus

I was only in Cyprus for a few short days, but my favourite part of the island was either the climb over the mountains that split the island or the glorious Kourion ruins which Google Maps seems to suggest is located in a sliver of British territory by Limassol.

Checking out ruins

Checking out ruins in the rain