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I was only going to spend a few days, but ended up in Huánuco at Midori’s place – where she lives with her parents Arturo and Fanny – for 10 nights! The amount of amazing kindness they showed me was phenomenal. I got treated with a variety of... read more

Forced on to the bus

After 2 nights in Jauja, and with my foot still hurting, I resolved to take a bus to Huánuco. I had a Warmshowers host organised there, and I was fearing that it was going to be a few days until I got back on my bike. With the flight from Quito on the 18th of... read more


Having been shown around most of the centre of Huancayo the day before, and without a place to stay, I decided that I’d leave Huancayo, via the ruins that Cristina had mentioned, and see where I got. It wasn’t a good decision. I left a little late, in no... read more

Mariscal – Huancayo

True to her word, the owner was back at 4am, but I managed to sleep until just before 5am, when we had to pack up as the group of workers from the night before came back for breakfast. I was on the road by 5:30, with the sun already up, and made my way to the next... read more

Peruvian slumber party

It was an earlyish start, the father taught classes at the local school as apparently the area is not very religious, which considering how I was still fairly low was perfect for me, so I spent the day following the Rio Mantaro valley, and generally climbing up... read more

Visiting a cave and riding into the night

Having only had a day off, Jimmy was eager for me to stay longer, but I’d seen what I wanted to of the city, and had slept in plenty the day before so was well recovered. Leaving early however was a little hard, as when I tried to leave he insisted that we at... read more

Dropping down to Ayacucho

Having made it more than half way up the hill the day before, there was a mere 20km to go to the top of the climb through countless switchbacks. Just before I got to the top, I met Daniel, a German cycle-tourist who, not being crazy, was of course heading south. We... read more

Goodbye Promoción de 71

I woke up with a slight headache around 7:30, glad that Cesar hadn’t come to wake me up at 4am as he’d promised. He had mentioned that the best Peruvian food is Caldo de Gallina (chicken noodle soup) at 4am, with the second best being Caldo de Gallina at... read more