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Starting in Germany

My wiggle through Germany started by bouncing into Aachen, a city that was heavily hit in World War 2. It would be a consistent theme through my time in Germany, but Aachen did a good job of showing it with old shells of buildings being retained and used as part of... read more


Another day, another new country. The joys of travelling in Western Europe is that there are lots of borders! After a short few days in Belgium, I found myself at the end of the Vennbahn and in Luxembourg. I also managed to make it 3 country highest points in 3 days... read more

Waffles and Belgian Fries

The 29th country of my trip saw me hop the border into Belgium. I was happy to see that at least in Flanders, the northern part, the fantastic cycling network system continued so I only had to see cars when I was trying to find the sign marking the border which... read more

Bicycle heaven

My little wiggle around the Netherlands – not Holland, that is the name of just one part of the country – was quite lovely. There were plenty of Warmshowers hosts, and barely a metre ridden off bike lanes out of my own choice. It also had the glorious... read more

Starting Again

Having had a few months off at home, with a week away in Ireland about the only cycling that was done, I decided to start nice and easily through the UK. That failed on the first day, in a perfect example of how I still make stupid mistakes even with all my... read more

Not writing

Those of you who have been checking here for updates will have found a certain lack of them. I’ve not really got a great reason, I definitely had the time, but I guess I just didn’t really feel that motivated to write while I was home. What motivates me... read more

Almost there (Puyo – Latacunga)

After a fine weekend relaxing, it was the final stage on the way to Quito. I had the climb back up to Baños, a 5 hour climb up a beautiful route, called La Ruta de Las Cascadas. One of the most famous things to do in Baños involves renting a bike, riding 30km downhill... read more