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Bussing to Bolivia

The worst bus ride in South America, 24 hours of hell, a must-avoid trip – all things that I’d heard to describe the journey I was about to take from Asunción to Bolivia. To be fair, I got off about 4 hours before it made it to Santa Cruz, but even with... read more

Alberdi and Asunción

Thankfully the hard work of getting to Alberdi paid off as Julie proved a great hostess, showing me around and introducing me to plenty of people. She’s been in Alberdi for almost a year and so has a bit of a firmer idea of what she’s doing than Nora. She... read more

Through sand and downpours

I was in touch with Nora thanks to Lydia, a Warmshowers member and Peace Corp volunteer in Asuncion. She had posted a message on the Peace Corp Facebook group and thanks to that I also had another contact, Julie in the town of Alberdi, in the southwestern province of... read more

Failing to cross a border

Markus is out of the house by 5:45 and so I had to be too with my plan to cross the border and end up somewhere near San Francisco, where I’d be meeting Nora, one of 200 Peace Corp volunteers in Paraguay. San Francisco is about 135km from Markus’ place, so... read more

Back to Posadas

My 180 days in Brazil expired on the Friday and so we were forced to leave, there was also the small issue of making it back down to Posadas for Gaz’s bus on the Tuesday. We’d originally been planning to go to Asunción, but it ended up being better for both of us to... read more

Foz do Iguaçu

There are three main things to see in Foz do Iguaçu, the falls from the Brazilian side, the falls from the Argentinian side and Itaipu dam. As we’d crossed over around lunchtime, we rode up to Itaipu to see the dam. It’s the second largest in the world,... read more

Onwards to Foz

Gaz asked me to come up with a route so I gave him three options. Meandering around Uruguay, heading north to Iguazu and heading west to see the Andes and drink wine in Mendoza. Iguazu won out, because it not only involved the spectacular falls, and ticked the... read more

Buenos Aires Sidetrip

Gaz received his passport on the Friday afternoon, found a flight on Saturday, got a lift 200 miles down to London with his dad on Sunday morning and on Monday morning would be in Buenos Aires! That meant that even though I was waiting for a replacement interior for... read more