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After the epic climbs of the Norwegian coast, the Danish countryside was a bit of a letdown. The light rolling hills don’t really compare to the fjords and mountains. The cycling culture was impressive, but it definitely felt like something was missing. One... read more


My first impression of Norway was how pretty it was. Also how important skiing is in the area. This can be seen with the great number of people on skis that you find in statue form in the towns. My first night in Norway was spent at the house of Roger, a friend of... read more


From Stockhom I headed north, to the town of Uppsala. A university city where I was hosted by Liselott. She was from the north of Sweden and missed it’s openness and sense of community. Thanks to her I got my first sailing experience, which when I was in charge... read more


I started a draft of this post when I was in Stockholm. I’m not in Scandinavia, let alone Stockholm, anymore so I’ll just paste those initial notes here. 1/3 city, water, green Oldest monarchy? 3rd biggest exporter of music after US & UK (lots of... read more

Across Finland

Anton had had a date the night before and had not come back to the island. I had his keys, and so sat around waiting for him, but after almost an hour and no e-mail back I hid the keys and rowed back to my bike (having to do three trips to let me row to the bike, lock... read more

Land of saunas

I got off the ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki and the reasonably mild weather I’d been lucky to have seemed to have been over. Cold drizzle met me and I happily put my waterproofs on. I hadn’t got all the cold weather gear that I’d need, but had a pile of gear ready at... read more


Having said farewell to Evgeniy & Nastya, my hosts in St Petersburg, the ride west to the border with Estonia was unremarkable, taking a largish road that cut through more forest and the entertainment was listening to my new podcasts. I spent the evening in my... read more

Through the rain and mud

I’d been able to find such a good route from Moscow to St Petersburg thanks to a GPS file that I’d found online. There was a small problem with the next leg. The blogger had mentioned being forced to take a train for one stop, and my googling wasn’t... read more