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Bicycle heaven

My little wiggle around the Netherlands – not Holland, that is the name of just one part of the country – was quite lovely. There were plenty of Warmshowers hosts, and barely a metre ridden off bike lanes out of my own choice. It also had the glorious... read more

Starting Again

Having had a few months off at home, with a week away in Ireland about the only cycling that was done, I decided to start nice and easily through the UK. That failed on the first day, in a perfect example of how I still make stupid mistakes even with all my... read more

Not writing

Those of you who have been checking here for updates will have found a certain lack of them. I’ve not really got a great reason, I definitely had the time, but I guess I just didn’t really feel that motivated to write while I was home. What motivates me... read more

Almost there (Puyo – Latacunga)

After a fine weekend relaxing, it was the final stage on the way to Quito. I had the climb back up to Baños, a 5 hour climb up a beautiful route, called La Ruta de Las Cascadas. One of the most famous things to do in Baños involves renting a bike, riding 30km downhill... read more

Puyo & Baños

I got to Nick’s on Friday morning, and left Tuesday morning and had a blast in between. That included visiting the nearby beautiful town of Baños, at about 1900m, an incredibly touristic city where you can do all sorts of outdoor activiites from rafting, to... read more

Back on the bike (Loja – Puyo)

From Loja it would be about 750km to Quito. I could have gone on a shorter route through the mountains, but I decided instead to drop down to El Oriente, the foothills of the Andes where they drop into the Amazon. I figured it would be flatter than the mountains, and... read more


It was 6 hours on the bus from Trujillo to the town of Piura, where I arrived around dawn, before the next bus on to the Ecuadorian border and my destination of Loja left around 10am. Trujillo hadn’t felt so hot, but Piura definitely did. It’s a quite... read more


There are only night buses from Huaraz to Trujillo, so it was that, having finished our Thanksgiving dinner, I headed out at 9pm to the bus terminal. Rather than the normal ridiculousness about how I definitely couldn’t put my bike on the bus, they told me to... read more