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Buenos Aires Sidetrip

Gaz received his passport on the Friday afternoon, found a flight on Saturday, got a lift 200 miles down to London with his dad on Sunday morning and on Monday morning would be in Buenos Aires! That meant that even though I was waiting for a replacement interior for... read more

Montevideo Madness

I’m now in Montevideo, it’s Friday evening, and after a few lovely days with HJ before she goes off backpacking again I’m in a bit of a quandary which I`ll try to explain… I’ve got my new Manta saddle, thanks to Jon and wonderful DHL even... read more

Rio Grande – Montevideo

My plan to ride down to Chui hit into my laziness. There was 240km to the border, and having stayed until the Saturday morning cos of how lovely Duda’s family was – with my visa expiring on the Sunday – that would be doable, but with a strong... read more

Rio Grande

I was asked when I arrived in Rio Grande how long I’d be staying, but wasn’t sure. Duda however seemed to know and told everyone that I’d stay for the whole week, until he would travel to Gramado with his aunt Silvia, uncle Eduardo and cousin Gui.... read more

Florianopolis – Rio Grande

On the way to taking HJ to the bus terminal on the Monday I had dropped my cycling trousers off at a little shop to get them sewed up. Being a couple of years old, the material was pretty worn out, and the knees in particular were beyond repair, but that didn’t... read more

Curitiba – Florianopolis

HJ had been backpacking around the world for 10 months before deciding to ride a bike with me to Florianópolis (Floripa), but at the end of the 8 days she said it was her favourite part of the whole trip, and Brazil her favourite country. We had pedalled just over... read more

São Paulo – Curitiba

Hyeonjung, a Korean backpacker that had stayed at the same place in Salvador, had been talking for a good while about wanting to ride a bike in South America. She’s not exactly a cyclist, and didn’t have a bike, but we decided that we would try and ride... read more

São Paulo

Wilson’s family lived on the outskirts of São Paulo and Hyeonjung, a Korean friend who I had met back during carnival in Salvador, was staying in the centre so I went there. As well as getting to hang out with her, it meant being much closer to the things I had... read more