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Southern Czech Republic

After a few days of riding the dull flats of Austria, being up in the small mountains of southern Bohemia was rather lovely. There were forests and an abundance of deer too. It didn’t involve long climbs, but enough to keep the tedium away. The area I was riding... read more

Austrian Kindness

My 34th country was Austria and just across the border I was greeted by a bike route sign taking me north, down the Salzach, avoiding the main road by going up and down through forest roads. That was great, until I decided to see how well I could corner. It turned out... read more

Final step in Germany

The wonderful saddle that I’ve been riding on, my Manta, is made by Jon Catling up in Skye. One of his partners, is a guy called Martin from Comfort Line who offer a high-end service for those looking to find a saddle that works for them. They offer a wide... read more

Lovely Liechtenstein

My stay in Liechtenstein was brief, but long enough to class it as a lovely place. I crossed over the Rhine, and made it to the capital city of Vaduz. The whole country only has a population of about 37,000 with Vaduz having not even 6,000. It used to be part of... read more

A slice of Switzerland

Switzerland certainly loves organised paths, and so there was no surprise when on the network map there were trails for hiking, cycling, mountain biking, skating and even canoeing. I only saw a couple of skaters as I headed east along the lake, but that’s still... read more

Black Forest

Just over the border from France I found myself in Freiburg, the entrance to the Black Forest. To me, there are two distinctive things. The colour of the buildings, from the local stone, and the small open-air sewers that are visible on most streets. I also learnt... read more

Alsatian Adventure

The Alsace region, home to almost 2 million French people on the German border, has changed hands quite a few times over it’s history. The original language in the area, Alsatian, is more similar to German than French but because of a push for French from higher... read more