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I’d taken a few months off over winter, to spend time with family and also to make some money. Having found another trial to make more cash, the decision was made to fly home from Budapest. There was already no way of getting to all of the countries I’d been intending to before the end of summer, and so taking 6-8 weeks off to make money and start again seemed worth it. Even paying for my flight home, the amount I’d earn would mean I’d end up a fair bit ahead and I could read... read more


Vienna and Bratislava are the two closest capital cities in the world, conveniently located on the Danube making the ride very easy. Coming from Vienna, the first thing you see of it is a huge suburb, full of communist era tower blocks. The next iconic thing is Bratislava Castle, which several locals told me isn’t that pretty and looks like an upside down table. Slovakia is apparently full of castles, but unfortunately I didn’t have the time to go and explore the other ones. There read... read more


Win, a friend of the family, lives in Vienna and was more than willing to put me up while I was visiting the city. I’d been before, but this was my first time alone. The previous visit had been just before I was about to graduate uni and ended up with some impressive sunburn as I fell asleep at a swimming pool just outside the city. With that in mind, I was quite glad to see it was generally overcast. He had been out of town to play bike polo and so wasn’t due in until late in the evening read... read more

Southern Czech Republic

After a few days of riding the dull flats of Austria, being up in the small mountains of southern Bohemia was rather lovely. There were forests and an abundance of deer too. It didn’t involve long climbs, but enough to keep the tedium away. The area I was riding through had plenty of small towns built on the rivers, reflecting beautifully. The area felt poorer than Austria, with houses looking more dilapidated and several towns where the market was little more than a guy standing in a car read... read more

Austrian Kindness

My 34th country was Austria and just across the border I was greeted by a bike route sign taking me north, down the Salzach, avoiding the main road by going up and down through forest roads. That was great, until I decided to see how well I could corner. It turned out the answer was not very well. It had recently rained which meant the mud on the road mixed with some leaves. I’m generally a cautious descender, but this corner I took a bit too fast and so it wasn’t too surprising as read... read more

Final step in Germany

The wonderful saddle that I’ve been riding on, my Manta, is made by Jon Catling up in Skye. One of his partners, is a guy called Martin from Comfort Line who offer a high-end service for those looking to find a saddle that works for them. They offer a wide variety of saddles, and one of those is the Relax IQ – their name for the Manta. As I was in the region, that was the next destination on my list, and it was only a one-day ride from where I had stayed in Liechtenstein. It was baking read... read more

Lovely Liechtenstein

My stay in Liechtenstein was brief, but long enough to class it as a lovely place. I crossed over the Rhine, and made it to the capital city of Vaduz. The whole country only has a population of about 37,000 with Vaduz having not even 6,000. It used to be part of Austria, but since World War 1 has had closer ties to Switzerland after Austria lost so much power. It uses the Swiss Franc, and shares the ridiculous prices of Switzerland. It has an absolutely sensational setting, with most of the country read... read more

A slice of Switzerland

Switzerland certainly loves organised paths, and so there was no surprise when on the network map there were trails for hiking, cycling, mountain biking, skating and even canoeing. I only saw a couple of skaters as I headed east along the lake, but that’s still a couple more than I’d seen up to that point. What I did see were incredibly clean and full-featured parks, that and really high prices. A trip to my staple of Aldi revealed prices that were two to three times as high as in read... read more