Vancouver -> Bellingham

After 3 days of rest in Vancouver, it was time to move on. My favourite thing about Vancouver had been the system of bike paths that they have in Vancouver proper. There are residential roads that are basically for cyclists only. Drivers seemed to be more aware of our presence and it made for great cycling. The mountains being visible north of the city reminded me of my time back in Seoul. Vancouver had the bonus of also having beaches, but also more expensive Korean food. We would be saying goodbye

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Sedro Woolley -> Vancouver

Seth’s original plan had been to go to Seattle, but C persuaded him that he needed to go to Vancouver first. He was interested in tagging along, but there was a small hitch. He didn’t have his passport with him. When we were enjoying our rest day in Riverside he had called his mum and got her to Fedex it up to Blaine, the border town where we would enter Canada. If all went to plan it would arrive a couple of hours before we crossed over.

We had about 70 miles ahead of us to get to

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Strathroy -> Port Huron

It was the 4th of July and we were eager to make it back to the US as it was Independence Day. I had been hoping to head off early to ensure that it would happen, but that wasn’t too happen. C was needing to visit a doctor to get a prescription for some antibiotics so spent an hour or so on the phone to her insurance company back home. While C was working that out, Mary Margaret was making us pay for our indecision in the best possible way.

We had been asked what we wanted for breakfast

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Toronto -> Woodstock -> Strathroy

Toronto’s Pride festival is the largest one in North America and it was the day of the Pride Parade, but we were having to leave. We wanted to make it back to the US for the 4th of July and to Madison for the 15th so couldn’t afford any more time. It was frustrating, and Oren also would have loved to stay, but being transients on a timetable couldn’t. A journey like ours is full of these kind of compromises every day. When we tell people we’re going to spend 6 months going

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Dundas -> Woodstock

I woke up to the smell of pancakes which Sybil had prepared the batter for and Harold was busy cooking up. She had left while I was still in bed and C was in the shower so unfortunately we neither got to thank her for her hospitality nor say goodbye. After pancakes I spotted Harold had a pump so decided to use the opportunity to ensure our tyres were up. I carry one in my front pannier, but while it’s fine for use on the road it’s obviously not as good as a track pump. Mine went up

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