Lavina -> Harlowton

The sun poured through my shutters and woke me up around 7. With another fairly short day ahead of us there was no rush. I was feeling kinda hungry, but, after a little bit of reading and checking emails on my Kindle, rolled over and went back to sleep as I couldn’t hear any signs of C stirring coming from her room. After the nap and breakfast we ended up being ready to go around 10, C was a bit faster than me and when I went outside to put my bags on the bike found her talking to 2 of the

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Hardin -> Billings

We had originally planned to leave Hardin at 8, but when we were offered a breakfast of sausage and biscuits by Sharon, how could we? As the kids had been so busy with the yard sale the day before they were allowed to miss church and to sleep in. It meant we didn’t leave until 11, but we weren’t in a huge rush. It was only about 50 miles to Billings and while our future host, Caralyn, sounded fun we had a rest day lined up so had lots of time to hang out.

After saying our goodbyes it

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Broadus -> Ashland

Even though it was only a 45 mile ride, people had been eager to tell us about the big hill we would be facing as soon as we left Broadus. I had learnt that people driving cars liked to talk about how flat a piece of road was so you can imagine that I had been a little surprised and concerned. I’d looked at the elevation profile on ridewithgps and not been too horrified. The one concern C had had was that there was the lack of places to get water. She

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Cheating to Chicago

Having decided that ‘cheating’ was acceptable, we needed to work out the logistics. A quick call to Christin, our host in Chicago, confirmed that it would be OK for us to head over a night early, now just to work out how to get there. The best way that we could see was to follow Jennifer + Kyle’s previous warmshowers guests example and take the train. We would need bike boxes as being a commuter train they didn’t like bicycles. Thankfully

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Sharp blades in South Bend

We had to be out of the house by noon as that’s when Jennifer + Kyle had a possible buyer coming to look round their house. A plan was formulated and we would be using our America the Beautiful passes to go to Indiana Dunes National Seashore, lie on the beach and then head over to Chesterton. As with all the best laid plans, it went a bit astray.

We invited Jennifer and Kyle to join us on our ride. Jennifer was eager, whereas Kyle was saving himself. He promised that the next time I came

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