Britishness in Buffalo

We got to Joe’s and were met by a sensational response. While I was busy taking things off the bikes and moving them to somewhere C was met by Joe who took her inside to his mum who lived downstairs from him. C, in her typically British way, apologised for her still somewhat teary state. Joe assured her that all was OK and then his mum apparentlytook over.

After I’d come down from moving everything upstairs and getting a cup of coffee I saw C with icepacks on her hip, surrounded by

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Springville -> Buffalo

Having another pretty short day ahead of us I decided to sleep in until 9. It was glorious to wake up in a motel room and not have to worry about any kind of cleaning up after myself. C had been up for a while reading wikipedia for even more things to do in Buffalo than Amy had mentioned. She was really excited to hear that the Martin House was in town. I was told that it was a really famous Frank Lloyd Wright building and that

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